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Schedule your healing vitality thru mindful energetic bodywork with Maria J. Toro, LMP.

As a healer, it is my ultimate goal to help my clients create a change as rapid as possible. To feel and be high octane! In the midst of bodywork, we can alleviate structural soft tissue imbalances and injuries, we can also direct subtle energy, including the information that moves within us! This might look like a client forgiving, or relief from heartache, or brilliant insights. Shifting energy is an explantation of magical healing on higher dimensions. Which means everywhere we go in session with the bodywork, their is space available to create vital transformation, to move with my clients forward higher outcomes. Healing is accelerated when deliberately interacting with subtle energy structures. In the stillness we can move at any speed we want. Deep breathing, meditation, clearing the mind... all allow for us to disengage our minds enough so that we can reach into the void of possibility within our soul. Connect to the empty space within. Linking with a healer, opens us up to enable instantaneous shifts to release what no longer serves us, to improve in focused ease. So surrender into the moment. Simply set aside preconceptions, and get ready to open your own intuition, that will inspire your words, actions, attitudes and ultimately your life to make a real difference. XOXO, Meta-Maria!


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Friends, This is the healing Gemstone negative ion mat I purchased for you, located at our Mercer Island office. This mat is like a sauna, with deep far-infrared heat. Penetrates the body 6" deep, then you flip, to get the other side. Whole body healing. Gets rid of radiation and positive ions! LOADED with Healing crystals, medicinal gemstones. Decreases stiffness, pain, anxiety, depression, improves sleep & immune system! Decreases cortisol levels. DEEP RELAXATION. You will drift to a healing place. Just laying on the mat raises your vibration. I'm putting this out there if any of you want to purchase one for your home, like I did. I'm also letting you know you are welcome to schedule a private passive rest, or a nap on the island with this mat, I can add guided meditation, and aromatherapy . Tuesday thru Saturday! 206-941-8560 Only thing better is to schedule a massage with me on the healing mat!

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